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  • W48 stands for Waidmannsheil! Issue 48.
    Note: When the number prefixed with the letter J, it refers the the Journal Der Waffenschmied.
  • 44 refers to the page number.
  • 8.15x46R refers to the keywords.
  • Thoughts on the 8.15x46R is the actual title.



W48 44 8.15x46R Thoughts on the 8.15x46R
W49 39 8.15x46R Thoughts on the 8.15x46R
J36 12 Adamy An Adamy Drilling
J09 4 Adolph German Gun Maker, Fred Adolph of Genoa, New York
W47 11 Adolph A Double Rifle by Fred Adolph   
W47 14 Adolph Fred Adolph: German-American “Gunsmith to the Stars”
J21 16 AKAH AKAH – Albrecht Kind aus Hunstig 
J07 16 Ammunition Loading 8 x 57 Ammunition For My German Guns
J08 10 Ammunition The Hochwild 9.3mm Cartridges
J24 7 Ammunition European Hunting Cartridges and Their American Cousins 
J29 19 Ammunition Metric and American Cartridge Cousins 
W38 16 Ammunition The Introduction of the 9.3x74R
W39 22 Ammunition Adventures with the 9.3 x 72R, Part 1          
W40 2 Ammunition Adventures with the 9.3 x 72R, Part 2     
W41 6 Ammunition Adventures with the 9.3 x 72R, Part 3   
W43 3 Ammunition Patrone 88 zur Patrone S         
W44 8 Ammunition Again the 9.3mm.   
W45 26 Ammunition 5.6x61R Vom Hofe Super Express-Loading and Shooting    
W46 47 Ammunition 11 mm Ammo and Rifles     
W37 13 Anschuetz Anschütz- Die Meister Macher-End of an Era
J01 2 Apel Welcome ! 
W46 27 Aydt “Ask Axel”  Unusual Aydt Schuetzen Rifle
J40 25 Bartels Carl Heinrich Christoph Bartels     
J41 10 Bartels Bartels revisited: now Bartels & Büttner    
J12 12 Becker A Rare Find 
J13 3 Becker Becker Shotgun Revisited 
J36 6 Becker An Unusual Shotgun Returns Home
W51 17 Berger Ask Axel
J29 8 Bessel A Bessel & Son Double Rifle 
W48 10 Beuttenmueller German American Gun Makers
J31 16 Bolt Action Bolt Action Rifles
J21 20 Borchardt The Borchardt 7.65 mm Automatic Pistol 
W48 13 Break Actions Give Me a Break
J22 6 Brenneke Wilhelm Brenneke 
J22 10 Brenneke My Adventure With Wilhelm Brenneke Patent Drilling No. 280 
J24 18 Brenneke The Brenneke Story, Continued
J24 21 Brenneke Brenneke Rifle Cartridges and Bolt Action Rifles
J28 21 Brenneke “Brenneke” 
J42 16 BSW Rare BSW double Rifle Drilling presented to Herman Göring 
J42 20 BSW Simson? WAFFA? BSW? 
J37 25 Burgsmueller H. Burgsmüller & Söhne
J37 26 Burgsmueller Burgsmüller Vierling
J04 15 Butt Plates Reproduction Butt Plates 
J41 25 Churchhill Winston Churchill   
J45 3 Collath The Company Teschner & Co.
J45 4 Collath The Collath Actions and Inventions
J45 10 Collath Collath Picture Gallery
J45 22 Collath Ammunition by Teschner & Collath (Tesco)
J37 16 Combination guns The development of German combination guns
J44 3 Combination guns Combination Guns
J44 28 Combination guns Modern O/U Rifles and Combination Guns
J44 36 Combination guns Germanic Combination Guns I Have Known
J24 14 Daly Is This Really a Prussian Daly? 
J25 12 Daly A Charles Daly Over and Under 
J25 20 Daly Refinishing a Daly Double Gun 
J26 14 Daly Who Made This Daly Diamond Shotgun 
J27 23 Daly Charles Daly Diamond Grade 10 Bore Hammer Gun, #2511
J28 19 Daly Should I Restore It? 
J30 13 Daly Evolution of the Prussian Daly Hammerless Side-by-Side 
J31 20 Daly A Challenge for our History Dectectives
J34 9 Daly A striking feather weight Daly
J37 8 Daly Charles Daly Regent Diamond O/U
J37 10 Daly An overview of the Prussian Charles Daly
J38 17 Daly New revelations about Prussian Daly guns from Suhl
J38 18 Daly Schoverling, Daly & Gales in New York- J.P.Sauer in Suhl
J38 19 Daly Prussian Dalys by Schüler in Suhl
J39 4 Daly The History Detectives    
J39 5 Daly The Devil is in the details?  
W37 4 Daly Prussian Daly Society
J15 23 Damascus Damascus Barrels 
J28 10 Damascus Damascus Versus Fluid Steel 
J05 12 Diana Diana: Lovely Lady of Hunting Graces Rifles and Steins 
J41 16 Diana The Legend of Diana
J23 21 Dreyse The Dreyse Needle Guns 
J31 21 Dreyse Franz von Dreyse 20 ga. Sxs shotgun
J32 20 Dreyse A very early, very unusual German Drilling
J40 17 Dreyse A Dreyse Flinten Drilling 12 gauge
W52 42 Dreyse The Dreyse Faucet Breech Rifle
J02 14 Drilling Drillings of the Luftwaffe 
J08 14 Drilling No-Name Drilling 
J32 8 Drilling A drilling by Friedrich Wilhelm Heym in Suhl
J32 20 Drilling A very early, very unusual German Drilling
J35 6 Drilling An unusual Drilling with removable rifle barrel
J35 18 Drilling What do three Drillings have in common
J39 20 Drilling The Modern Drilling 
J43 7 Drilling Drillings  
J43 22 Drilling Double Rifle Drillings
J43 39 Drilling The Modern Drilling  
J43 40 Drilling Hunting with Drillings: Ron Dube Speaks!                    
J43 45 Drilling A Drilling Risen From The Grave 
W45 13 Drilling Unusual Hammer Drilling 
W51 33 Drillings Drillings Laborde
J42 6 DSB Ernst II and Deutscher Schüetzenbund 
J33 18 Eckholdt Emil Eckholdt of Suhl
W45 3 Eckholdt My 7x57 Double Rifle
J33 22 Ejectors The ejector in most Prussian Daly guns
W46 16 Elben The Magnificent Gift: Hermann Goering’s Kipplauf 
J42 6 Ernst II Ernst II and Deutscher Schützenbund
J30 6 Eyring An Interesting Rifle Found in Sweden 
J12 16 Ferlach Ferlach – Yesterday and Today
J26 8 Ferlach My Third Year in Gunsmaking School 
J39 26 Fischer Three outstanding guns         
J38 23 Flintenkalle Meet our friends: Karl H.P.Pape: aka Flintenkalle (shotgun Charlie)
J35 6 Frank An unusual Drilling with removable rifle barrel
J43 34 Frank Adolf Frank of Berlin                                       
J43 3 Franzen Meet Fredrik Franzén     
J12 23 Franzoj A Superb Double Rifle 
J24 11 Frohn A Masterpiece by the Craftsmen and Artists in Suhl 
J36 19 Fruehauf The Frühauf Brothers
J37 21 Fükert Kronen Drilling by Gustav Fükert of Weipert
J34 20 Funk Christoph Funk, Gunmaker
J43 29 Funk Christoph Funk, Suhl   
W47 38 Geha Geha: A Shotgun of the Weimar Republic     
J34 15 Geyger The "German Purdey"
W50 39 Gmehlin German American Gun Makers
J12 22 Graz Graz, Austria 
J37 18 Gruendig A Hammer Vierling by Carl Gruendig
J37 20 Gruendig C. Gruendig of Dresden
J13 19 GSI About GSI, Importer of Merkel Guns 
W39 10 Gun Marks All those tiny marks   
J25 20 Gunsmithing Refinishing a Daly Double Gun
W50 46 Gustloff-Werke Classic German Gamefield Arms O/U Double Rifle
J21 18 Haenel It’s a Haenel! 
J33 8 Haenel Haenel Sporting Rifles Model 1900 and 1909
J13 8 Hagn Singled Out: Martin Hagn and Falling Blocks
J13 14 Hagn Ralph Martini of Martini & Hagn 
J38 23 Halang & Bachner Another unique hammer drilling
J15 15 Hammer Guns German Hammer Guns 
J11 5 Hartmann & Weiss A Visit With Hartmann & Weiss 
J23 7 Hartmann & Weiss A Visit To Hartman and Weiss 
J29 5 Heeren Collector’s Corner No. 3 
W50 31 Heeren Notes on the Manufacture of the Heeren-Block Action
W52 33 Herfurth German American Gun Makers
J25 10 Herkules Strong as Hercules – 11.2 x 72R 
J27 10 Herzberg Herzberg: A German Gunmaking Center That Faded Away 
J32 8 Heym A drilling by Friedrich Wilhelm Heym in Suhl
J02 3 Hoenig The Hoenig Rotary Round Action Gun 
J23 16 Hoenig George Hoenig, Inventor, Master Gunmaker 
J23 20 Hoenig George Hoenig 
W48 30 Hornet Notes on the .22 Hornet
J03 3 Hubertus Saint Hubert: Patron of Hunters 
J16 3 Hubertus Saint Hubertus, Patron Saint of the Hunter 
J41 18 Hubertus The Legend of Hubertus  
W47 53 Hubertus The St. Hubertus Award: Information for the Prospective Applicant Editor 
J09 11 Hunting Restriction Without Prohibition: 
J10 7 Hunting Restriction Without Prohibition (Conclusion) 
J19 3 Hunting Hunting Germany 2003
W38 2 Hunting Hunting in Germany and America: Comparisons
W48 17 Hunting Driven Hunts in Germany
W49 30 Hunting Ask Axel Hunting Clothing
W51 41 Hunting Hunting Bags
W49 54 Importing to USA So, You Want To Bring a Gun Here from Europe
J16 5 Jaeger Another Historic Marker in Suhl 
J28 14 Jaeger Franz Jaeger’s Best Invention! 
J39 22 Jaeger A Simson-Jaeger Drilling by Franz Jäger
J39 25 Jaeger The Story of two guns marked “Herold” 
W52 18 Kaiserhaken Ask Axel
J29 8 Karpaten A Bessel & Son Double Rifle 
J34 5 Kern A hammer gun by Val Kern of Nuernberg
W50 19 Kern Ask Axel:  Val Kern early action and safety
J18 16 Kersten Gustav Kersten’s Strassburger Verschluss 
J29 8 Kersten A Bessel & Son Double Rifle 
J38 12 Kersten Kersten ?? I’ve heard that name before!
W51 16 Kersten Ask Axel 
J40 18 Kettner The Franz Kettners 
J28 6 Kipplauf Collectors’ Corner:  Die Kippluafbeuchse
W36 2 Kleinkaliberbuechsen Kleinkaliberbuchsen (part 5)
W37 7 Kleinkaliberbuechsen Kleinkaliberbuchsen (part 6)
W38 10 Kleinkaliberbuechsen Kleinkaliberbuchsen (part 7)
W39 8 Kleinkaliberbuechsen Kleinkaliberbüchsen Part 8 (the best is last)  
W44 13 Krempel Erich Krempel Initiative  
J01 8 Krieghoff Krieghoff: An Old World Dynasty 
J14 5 Krieghoff The Krieghoff Saga 
J14 10 Krieghoff Krieghoff Guns, Then and Now 
J14 16 Krieghoff A Visit To Krieghoff International 
J24 4 Krieghoff A Krieghoff Double Rifle in Africa 
J29 23 Krieghoff New from Krieghoff International 
J37 24 Krieghoff Sempert & Krieghoff Neptun Drilling
J40 20 Krieghoff Patents: the brilliant, the practical, etc., etc.    
J43 17 Krieghoff Sempert & Krieghoff- Suhl    
J43 20 Krieghoff The Forstmeister’s Sempert & Krieghoff Drilling  
J37 21 Kronen Kronen Drilling by Gustav Fükert of Weipert
J37 23 Kronen A modern Double Rifle Kronen Drilling
J19 13 Lefaucheux The Lefaucheux Guns and Pin Fire Ammunition
J33 15 Leichtmetall Aluminium, Leichtmetall, Aluminum
J29 22 Lindner The Abbey-Daly-Lindner connection
J30 10 Lindner Lindner Big Bore Hammer Guns 
J31 21 Luck A typical drilling by Geb. Luck
J19 9 Luftwaffe Other Luftwaffe Shotguns 
J32 4 Luftwaffe Drillings and shotguns used by the German Luftwaffe
J43 37 Luftwaffe Luftwaffe Drillings made by J.P.Sauer & Sohn, Suhl
J18 11 Luger The German Luger “Parabellum” Pistols 
J18 12 Luger A Magnificent Luger “Parabellum” 
J18 14 Luger My Luger Project 
W50 23 Mannlicher Mannlicher-Haenel Sporter (Commission 88)
W37 8 Martini The Martini Action, Part 2
J21 15 Mauser Jon Speed 
J23 3 Mauser The Mauser Sporter That Never Was 
J27 20 Mauser Have You Ever Heard of a Mauser Combination Gun? 
J31 10 Mauser A Rare Combination Gun
W37 14 Mauser Mystery Mauser
W46 30 Mauser     Short 1912 Commercial Mauser Sporter
J44 25 Mauser Mauser Combination Gun
J16 17 Meffert The Immann Meffert Gewehrfabrik in Suhl
J19 17 Meffert My Meffert Pin fire Shotgun 
J37 24 Meffert Meffert Hubertus Drilling and Vierling
J02 15 Merkel 100 Years of Merkel 
J03 14 Merkel It’s A Merkel 
J13 15 Merkel A Visit With The Master Craftsmen At Merkel in Suhl 
J24 17 Merkel The Merkel KR 1.
J30 11 Merkel The End of a Landmark 
J35 4 Merkel The history of one fine Merkel
J39 16 Merkel Vincent’s Merkel  
J40 12 Merkel Two Exquisite Guns by the Merkel Brothers in Suhl        
J40 13 Merkel A sidelock Vierling from Gebrüder Merkel of Suhl 
J40 14 Merkel Gebrüder Merkel of Suhl  
J40 22 Merkel It’s a Merkel!  
W47 45 Meunier John Meunier (Milwaukee, Wisconsin)  
J37 13 Miller & Val. Greiss Miller & Val. Greiss of Munich
J12 5 Nagel & Menz Two Double Rifles by Nagel & Menz
W52 38 Nagel & Menz Classic German Gamefield Arms 
J35 10 Needle Fire A needle fire bolt action sporting rifle
J27 20 Oberhammer Have You Ever Heard of a Mauser Combination Gun?
J25 15 Ollendorf Philipp Ollendorf: Master Gunmaker 
J30 22 Ollendorf A Young German Gunmaker in Austria 
W46 10 Photography Photo Techniques   
J32 11 Pin Fire A pin fire gun?  A center fire gun?
W51 21 Pistor Classic German Gamefield Arms O/U Double Rifle
J41 19 Prechtl Gottfried Prechtl   
J15 22 Proof Marks A Proof Mark Primer, 1891 – 1939 
J39 9 Recknagel Gunmaking: always a team effort 
J30 20 Reeb A German Vogelbüchse by J.J. Reeb in Bonn 
J37 23 Reeb An Unusual Drilling by Reeb of Bonn?
J28 14 Rekord Franz Jaeger’s Best Invention! 
J08 19 Remo REMO Suhl, Model U.S.A. 
J10 18 Rempt Early Breechloading Shotgun by Gebr. Rempt, Suhl 
J11 16 Rempt More On Gebruder Rempt 
J41 6 Rempt Yet another German rifle
J42 24 Rempt A gift for the boss   
J36 17 Retz The Stuff Dreams are made of
J37 23 Retz A modern Double Rifle Kronen Drilling
J33 21 Rifling Straight rifling in shotgun barrels?  What is the benefit.
J23 15 Roemerwerke The Unusal Guns of the Romerwerke in Suhl 
W48 38 Roux Classic German Gamefield Arms O/U Double Rifle
W49 32 Roux Ask Axel Roux Action
J22 3 RWS RWS: A Famous German Ammunition Factory 
J02 8 Sauer History Revisited: Mr. Sauer’s Sauers 
J04 7 Sauer German Ingenuity 
J19 7 Sauer A Sauer Luftwaffe Over & Under Shotgun 
J25 5 Sauer GGCA Tour to J. P. Sauer and Sohn 
J26 15 Sauer The Story of a Sauer Action 
J27 17 Sauer Two Early Vintage Sauer Guns 
J28 12 Sauer Case History Detective 
J30 9 Sauer My $100 Sauer Drilling 
J31 14 Sauer JP Sauer & Sohn breech loading side by side shotgun
J36 7 Sauer J.P.Sauer & Sohn engraved by Richard Werner
J37 7 Sauer A rare find: a 28 guage Sauer Habicht
J37 27 Sauer A Sauer hammer gun, a Schrader double gun, a double rifle
J38 7 Sauer The story of a little Sauer
J39 12 Sauer Sauer Dueling Pistols
J42 11 Sauer A Sauer side-by-side shotgun for the Krupps
J42 12 Sauer A Sauer Double Rifle for Kaiser Wilhelm  
W39 8 Sauer “Ask Axel” subject:Pieper/ Sauer shotguns 
W42 16 Sauer A simple way to determine the age of J.P.Sauer & Sohn guns 
W48 27 Sauer Post-War JP Sauer Sidelock Double Gun
J31 16 Scheibenbuechsen Bolt Action Rifles
J34 19 Scherping H. Scherping of Hannover
J22 16 Schilling The Schillings of Zella-Mehlis 
J22 18 Schilling The Schillings of Suhl 
J15 5 Schiwy Rifles by Gunmaker Ludwig Schiwy in Berlin 
J39 6 Schmidt A new German bolt action carbine? 
J07 6 Schmidt & Bender The Little Company That Could 
J40 7 Schmidt & Habermann Yet another German rifle 
J37 27 Schrader A Sauer hammer gun, a Schrader double gun, a double rifle
W49 13 Schrader Robert Schrader's Marvelous and Mysterious…
J38 19 Schueler Prussian Dalys by Schüler in Suhl
W43 17 Schuetzen The Swiss Connection, Part 5  
W46 24 Schuetzen Schuetzen Rifles
W50 17 Schuetzen The Schuetzen Rifle Corner
W51 25 Schuetzen The Schuetzen Rifle Corner
W52 44 Schuetzen The Schuetzen Rifle Corner
J40 4 Sights Open sights, scopes and mounts on German guns 
J02 14 Simson The Simson Family 
J06 8 Simson There Is No Way Back 
J41 24 Simson It’s a Simson 
J42 14 Simson December 21, 1935
J42 20 Simson Simson? WAFFA? BSW?  
J29 14 Sodia Franz Sodia: 117 years of gunmaking in Ferlach
J14 20 Spandau The Spandau Sporting Rifle, Serial No. 1 
J18 7 Spandau What Goes Around Comes Around! 1893 – 2003 
J19 19 Stangenberg Who Was Stangenberg in Berlin? 
J21 4 Steigleder Ernst Steigleder 
J21 8 Steigleder The Steigleder Breech Lock Mechanism 
J35 14 Steigleder A Franz Steigleder Drilling
J27 7 Stendebach Unusual Guns of Karl Fredrich Phillip Stendebach 
J12 6 Steyr Enter The Legend 
J15 11 Stiegele A Stiegle “Ehrengabe” Schuetzen Rifle
J25 8 Stiegele A Stiegele Percussion Double Rifle Drilling
J41 11 Stiegele A Stiegele drilling for the MEIJI Emperor of Japan
J27 10 Stoermer An unususal gun leads to an almost forgotten gunmaker
W49 36 Straight Rifling Classic German Gamefield Arms O/U Double Rifle
J08 13 Suhl Suhl Today 
J26 7 Suhl Two German Proof Houses in Neighboring Towns 
J36 4 Suhl The Firearms Museum in Suhl
J36 6 Suhl A Gift to the Museum
J36 8 Suhl Exhibits in the “New” Museum
J36 11 Suhl The gunmakers in Suhl today
J36 13 Suhl A walking tour to the former and present gunmakers in Suhl
J36 20 Suhl Gunmaking in Suhl: the DDR years, 1945-1989
J36 27 Suhl Suhl: A thumbnail history
J36 36 Suhl Gunmakers of Suhl –a map
J37 2 Suhl Thank You Suhl
W48 37 Target Shooting Shooting Matches in Bavaria ca. 1850
J45 1 Tesco/ Teschner See Collath
W49 20 Toggenburger German American Gun Makers
J30 22 Trademarks German Trademarks 
J44 21 Vierling The Vierling
J30 20 Vogelbuechsen A German Vogelbüchse by J.J. Reeb in Bonn 
J31 16 Vogelbuechsen Bolt Action Rifles
J33 19 Waffa WAFFA? Double Rifle Drilling
J13 6 Wilhelm The Hunting Guns of the German Kaiser 
J17 10 Wilhelm The Story of the Kaiser’s Rifles Ends 
J26 19 Wilhelm Kaiser Wilhelm’s Austrian Carbine 
J42 12 Wilhelm A Sauer Double Rifle for Kaiser Wilhelm 
J16 6 Willig Emil and Claus Willig, Father and Son, Engravers and Artists 
J31 9 Willig The Crowning Achievement of Master Engraver Claus Willig
J36 18 Wolf The Albert Wilhelm Wolf Company in Suhl
J06 5 Zella-Mehlis New Museum In Zella-Mehlis 
J26 7 Zella-Mehlis Two German Proof Houses in Neighboring Towns 
J17 19 Ziegenhahn Ziegenhahn – A German Gunmaking Family That Survived 
J26 10 Ziegenhahn The Zi-Di Smallbore Rifle 
J19 21 Zimmerstutzen The Zimmerstutzen 
J38 24 Zimmerstutzen The Zimmerstuzen
W45 10 Zimmerstutzen Zimmerstutzen Part 1 
W46 43 Zimmerstutzen Zimmerstutzen Part 2 
W47 48 Zimmerstutzen Zimmerstutzen Part 3 
W47 51 Zimmerstutzen Replacement Loading “Spoons” for Zimmerstutzen